Cameron Running Scared over UKIP Debates

David Cameron is a skilled political beast and knows that in a debate he will look very much second best to Nigel Farage. Senior conservatives have expressed hesitation over the idea over a four way debate, threatening not to take part, if UKIP is given a place.

Nigel Farage has responded in kind by threatening to take legal action if UKIP is excluded from the debates.

Labour will be damaged by UKIP gains too, but less so than the conservatives and as such senior labour members are firmly supporting UKIPs inclusion in the debates. “We will be flexible on this and won’t let David Cameron use Ukip to get off the hook,”

  • Nick Dancer

    Well Cameron clearly is scared…as a UKIP member I acknowledge that the case has not fully been made for UKIP to be included but the trends do show it is heading that way and to rule it out at this stage can only be seen as an attempt to deliberately close down debate. I accept that high polling alone is not enough evidence and that we need to look at UKIPs performance in the 2014 EU elections and indeed the council elections that take place at the same time. To make an arbitrary decision now based on the previous election result alone is a means of an establishment resisting change which in its self is antidemocratic.

    UKIP have built up hot spots in the recent County Council elections whereby if people were voting for MPs on the day and not Councillors, UKIP would have achieved 11MPs (North East Cambridgeshire, North West Cambridge, Huntingdon, Boston & Skegness, Louth & Horncastle, Aylesbury, Great Yarmouth, North Norfolk, North West Norfolk, South West Norfolk, Mid Norfolk) Now bear in mind that these elections covered far fewer than half of the Westminster seats, we start to see that there is evidence to show that UKIP could and I say could be a significant player in 2015. If UKIP show solid support in both the local council elections and the EU elections and build up more hot spots then it would be difficult and indeed antidemocratic not to include UKIP.

    There are a lot of ifs here but the polls (and more importantly trends) show it is all entirely possible. Besides the fact there is no evidence to suggest that UKIP haven’t stopped growing yet. May will say oh but what about the SNP and Greens etc…well some of those parties only cver some parts of the country and the others such as the Greens and Respect only have an MP because they have small pockets of concentrated support. Other then that, the Greens for instance only have 1 or 2 Councillors on many councils which does not point to much potential for Westminster. Looking at current evidence the Greens are on track to only be credible challengers for 2 extra seats. The UKIP spread of the vote is more comparable to the Liberal Democrats, only thing is UKIP never polled a comparable share of the vote…now they don’t only poll a similar share of the vote, they poll a larger share of the vote…we have yest to see how this unfolds in most council areas, so results day of 2014 is the time to cast judgement, not now due to inconclusive evidence to make a decision either way!

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