Voluntaryist Evolution


Throughout recorded human history, governments have taken many forms. From the vast far eastern empires of the Chinese dynasties to the feudalistic monarchies of Europe, the State has always dominated its people. From time to time, rays of liberty have shone through the tyranny in cutting edge and forward thinking cultures. The ancient Greeks invented the first forms of Democracy and direct voting, giving citizens a word in their government. Around the same time, the first Republic was established in the Roman Empire, establishing the Senate. As cultures became more enlightened and technology advanced, so did forms of government.

All of the advancement culminated in the newly formed American government, a Constitutional Republic. This budding bastion of liberty would be the example for the world to follow. After the great bursts of technological advancement were sparked by the Industrial Revolution, new forms of government were being developed and implemented. We see the modern forms of Republics and Democracies, but we were also introduced to the concepts of Communism, Fascism and Socialism. Regardless of their individual governmental flaws, most modern States are much less oppressive than any of the past.

As we move deep into the age of the Internet, free information and advanced technology, are we ready for the next great leap forward regarding government? Even with our seemingly war-like culture, statistics show the world is becoming much less violent. Human rights and individual freedom is at the forefront of many social movements around the globe. The Internet is creating a worldwide population of informed individuals, able to see things for what they truly are. No longer can governments and Statists hide the truth, deceive its citizens and propagandize its populations. No longer can the story be kept to only one side.

Now picture this, what if culture and technology advances to the point to where government becomes irrelevant? What if the State’s monopoly on the use of force “to keep us safe” harms more than it protects? What if we did not need politicians and officials to dictate what is moral and correct? Could free individuals interact and coexist on a strictly voluntary basis, free from coercion? Some say we are already there, while others see it as a far off utopia. My question is not when, but if. History shows that technology, culture and government are linked in their progression. Will we ever peacefully transition into a Volutaryist Stateless Society? My opinion is a resounding yes.

Lysander Spooner said that the Constitution of the United States…”has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.” I could not agree more in the context of evolving into a Stateless Society.  The Ancient Greeks and Romans didn’t look at governments of the time and settle, neither did the Founding Fathers. Just like the innovators of the past, we must also analyze the role of government. We are moving into a digital age and must identify the State’s relevance. We do not need a bureaucracy to be our father figure, our news source and our moral compass. We are free, beautiful individuals born with natural rights. We have the right to be free from coercion, aggression and force. We have the right to engage in any voluntary association that we please. We have the right to control our bodies, private property and have the fruits of our labor.

The role of the State will be phased out peacefully. The only question that remains is… Are you in?

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