God bless Rand Paul

Rand Paul 2

“The patriot’s blood is the seed of Freedom’s tree.”~~Thomas Campbell

God bless Rand Paul, for finally getting Obama’s America-hating, communist cadre to admit at least one of their deliberate misconceptions.

No, it is not constitutional for the President to order, more or less arbitrarily, drone strikes to kill American citizens on American soil; especially without due process, much less a warrant.

You Obamaniacs out there: is this what you voted for? You lefties, who claim your stance honors our rights and freedoms; where was your outcry, then, when an American president was slyly attempting to assume the power to kill people he perceived as potential threats?
Oh, come, now; that would never happen, right?

Remember Ruby Ridge, 1992? Two killed, as a result of entrapment by the FBI.

The Branch Davidians; Waco, TX, 1993? Seventy-six killed, essentially because they resisted acceptance of a warrant.

Elian Gonzalez, 1999? Taken, under force of arms, from his mother’s relatives and returned to our friends in Cuba.

All, attacks by federal law enforcement, on private American citizens.

Let’s not forget that the Dept. of Homeland Security has purchased billions of rounds of ammunition and thousands of automatic weapons, as well as military-issue, mine-resistant troop carriers, complete with .50 caliber machine guns, and gun ports for the troops inside. What for?
To “deliver warrants”; so they say.

They need military-issue equipment to do what civilian law enforcement has done forever, in squad cars? Remember during his first campaign; Obama called for a “civilian military force, as powerful and well-funded as the Army”?

Many liberals dismissed it. And all of you anti-gun liberals; where are you? Well? What say you, now?

You’re all nothing but hypocrites; if this had all happened during the Bush Era, you’d be seething; filling the streets in outraged protest.

How about the Patriot Act? As with any legislation, it’s not so much in how it’s worded, but rather, in how it’s applied. This being the case, we true conservatives, while mostly understanding the reasoning, weren’t really too happy with it.
The American left, however?

Well, now; the left was absolutely united in its frenzied certainty that it was going to turn America into a Fascist police state, under “Bushhitler”.

Obama himself opposed it. Of course, this opposition didn’t stop him from extending certain lapsing Patriot Act strictures, mostly dealing with civil rights, in 2009; a move most vocally resisted by a freshman Senator named…Rand Paul.
The left, however? Typically silent.

As we have seen in, and learned from, the past 4 years, this administration is going to have to be nailed to the wall on virtually every aspect of its policies, Obama being little more than a mealy-mouthed, banana republic dictator without the cheap uniform, ridiculous epaulettes, sideburns and aviator sunglasses.

Parameters must be declared, or he’ll just do what he wants.

Given this reasoning, and having asked, and failing to receive a satisfactory response, Sen. Paul was completely correct in his lengthy filibuster. He made enough noise, forcing the administration to respond, in a way that wouldn’t offend the American people, or make them nervous.

Nailed to the wall.

Something ugly is coming, America; the question is, on which side will you stand, when it does?