Is Enough Finally Enough?

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We told you so. We have been saying this for a while. You did not listen to us. You dismissed us. Ron Paul was right. Judge Napolitano was right. The “tinfoil hat, black helicopter conspiracy theorists” were right. The only question that begs answering now is: What will be done? Will anything really change? Is enough finally enough?

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This Is Classified Information


The recent anti-privacy scandals surfacing in the mainstream media are both alarming and unsurprising.

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that this kind of news is very difficult to talk about accurately. Issues involving national security and surveillance are almost always classified. To have a real discussion about these things would require you to be working within the department or have access to leaked documents. So in reality, the only way the public could ever have any knowledge about such information is if it is leaked.

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How to Think About Magic Tricks and Economics

By Christopher Zimny

If you have ever seen something that defied explanation, did you think it to be something you merely couldn’t explain, or that perhaps it was actually was pure magic? Perhaps you have seen David Blaine’s street magic specials and saw something like this. Magicians gain fame and reputation by performing illusions for eager spectators who wish to be fooled. In this case, a glimpse at the unknown is a tantalizing bit to savor. When someone sees such a trick, they are baffled, but because of this they usually try to figure out how it was done.

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The Principled Compromise on Abortion

Reading Attack the System’s post on the libertarian split on the issue of abortion[1], I was sad to see that they didn’t mention the ‘third’ stance. Many people say that one can either be pro-life or pro-choice, and that’s that. But there exists another position: you can be evictionist.  And this alternative stance is the best way of consistently adhering to libertarian principle.

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