A message to libertarians

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To All Libertarians

For my first article, a short message which I am sure all of us Libertarians feel is important.

It’s all very well and good with a minority of society advancing libertarianism and saying ‘I told you so’, whenever the inevitable government failures come to light. The necessary progression however is indeed, to gain notable support from the general public. Of course, something which makes this objective somewhat difficult to attain is the huge number of statists created by our allegedly ‘free society.’ Continue reading

Libertarianism, Individuality & the Future

Love Liberty

What part exactly does Libertarianism or individuality play in humanities past, present and future? Well to start, let’s take a look at the word individuality. The dictionary describes individuality as: ” … the qualities that distinguish one person or thing from all others.”. Therefore, individuality is what makes everyone of us unique and is fundemental in humanity’s advance. What makes it so necessary? Individuals throughout history have been the very core of human progress. From science to society, personal independence is the key factor that provides for unique thought, actions, experiments and ultimately discovery. Continue reading

Libertarian Elitism: A Self Destructing Statement

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Is “Minarchist” a dirty word? For many hardcore Libertarians/Anarchists it is!

If you identify yourself as wanting to reinstate the Republic, “That government is best which governs least” or a Constitutionalist, you are labeled a Minarchist. While I think that most small government advocates embrace this classification, especially when they are immersed in what Libertarianism really means. However, I also think there is a growing trend of Libertarian Elitism as the movement gains popularity.

Continue reading

Welcome to the Occupation


Mr. Edward Snowden, an American Prometheus of sorts, is not just an ordinary whistleblower against government corruption. He is a full-blown Carter/Gents air raid siren whose dual-tone minor third tones should shake western governments to their foundations. America’s National Security Agency, and Great Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) endanger their citizen’s natural right of privacy by intercepting every communication, regardless of the source or lack of suspicion, with their insidious fiber-optic tentacles. People find that they, to paraphrase Wallstreet’s Gordon Gecko, are holding a naive belief in free speech and due process. Continue reading

The NSA, Privacy, and Principle

The only part of government that actually listens!

Almost everyone has seen that reporter Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian Newspaper, and other journalists have been publishing astonishing materials supplied by the whistle blower Edward Snowden which shows how the NSA has been spying on the American people to a degree unheard of in history. Some are comparing the NSA’s actions to those of the East German Stasi; but the Stasi did not have the modern technology and internet to work with in its day. Continue reading

Europhiles must support a referendum on EU membership

David Cameron

Britain’s role in the European Union has always been controversial. Whilst there was resounding support for entering the European Community in 1975, a sizeable minority were in opposition even then. As European institutions have evolved and expanded, discontent has spread and changed character. A significant wing of the Conservative Party is strongly Eurosceptic, whilst UKIP turn such sentiments up to eleven. There is also notable (but often ignored) anti-EU sentiment on the left. Continue reading

The Fallacy of Robin Hood Corporate Taxes

You Don't Own All Your Labor

The fallacy of Robin Hood Corporate Taxes: It’s society who pays in the long run.


First, as civilised people, it’s important to remember that we reject aggression, and that taxation is aggression. It is the taking of someone else’s property by force, if necessary.

So, let’s define what a corporation is, so we may know who we’re actually taxing. The legal fiction: the “corporation”, is merely a group of contractually associated people, whose team name has a certain legal “personhood”. In reality, when you tax the “corporation”, you’re taxing the individuals who comprise it, and its customers (society). Employees suffer the tax in the form of lower wages. We pay this tax in the form of higher prices and reduced services, as some of that tax is passed on. Finally, corporate taxes reduce a company’s share value, hitting our invested pension funds.

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