Taking a Politically Incorrect Stance


I am perfectly aware of the risks of articulating what I am about to. The consensus among modern libertarians seems to be that free immigration is the only stance possible in this debate because of the ‘economic benefits’ and that those who oppose free immigration are just statists who want the government to control who can and can’t move about from here to there. For those swayed by the content of this article, I highly recommend that you look into other ‘paleolibertarian’ stances and you may find yourself agreeing me on more than just immigration. Finally, before I begin, I know that I have previously supported open borders and I fully retract any such support here and now.

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UKIPs youth wing in meltdown.

Yet another office holder within UKIPs youth wing Young independence (YI) has been forced to step down today. Richard Lowe, 28, was formerly the prospective parliamentary candidate for UKIP in Chester but following a letter he wrote to the Chester Standard in support of equal marriage he was told that his party would no longer support him in this role. Continue reading