Libertines and Liberal Bigots


Libertarians are being torn apart from within. Two groups are responsible for this: the libertines and the liberal bigots. ‘Liberal bigots’ is a phrase that I have stolen from Peter Hitchens and I am using it to describe a group within the libertarian movement who are more concerned about being politically correct than defending anybody’s right to discriminate. By libertines, I mean simply those who view libertarianism as a rebellion against tradition, hierarchy, morality and authority and who believe that the best way to achieve libertarianism and the libertarian ends of life, prosperity, cooperation and so on, is to live in communes, engage in ‘free love’, and at every opportunity attack conventional wisdom and morality.

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What to do about the Enemy Class?


By David Davis

Keir very kindly asked me to write something about how libertarians can ensure a future for liberty in a hostile world that’s right now populated by cultural Marxists and other Nazis. Ummm, I have broken Godwin’s Law already: oh well, there you go. I need specifically to talk about Nazis in the Anglosphere nations, which seem to be the places (and why?)  most heavily populated by these repulsive smelly fellows. Wonder why? Read on. I almost forgot as I’m now sucked into pretending to work for a living. The trouble with being retired in today’s Britain is that you have to work so hard.

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“Officer, This Man Called Me a Poop Head”


Written by Chris Stockdale

   “Politically Incorrect” language, it’s everywhere. From television to classical literature. The crude, crass and insulting words and phrases are present everywhere. But what would the world be without such “hurtful” speech? Most big government officials would have you believe that the world would be a better place; Utopian almost. That people would be kinder and language would be more respectable. The reality, though, is much darker than this. A land without the freedom to insult is a land without the freedom to protest. When the peoples of a nation have lost their ability to protest government, well, it isn’t pretty. By attempting to silence harsh language, you are also attempting to legislate morality. <!-more->

The freedom to uncensored speech is as detrimental to society as air in their lungs. Who would want to live in a world without expression; where people aren’t free to create? A place where fashion, art, music, entertainment, as well as everything else is decided upon and produced by officials that don’t even know who you are. One of the greatest traits of human kind is our ingenius creativity! Our ability to transform such mundane objects into spectacular pieces of beauty! Creativity is something to be praised, not frowned upon.

“So what does insulting someone have to do with creativity?”; you ask? Well, everything really. The best example would have to be comedy. What is comedy other than revealing our faults in such a clever way that we laugh at them? Speech is exactly like family. You don’t get to pick and choose to whom you are related. With the good comes the bad. It’s something that, in order to remain free, we have to toughen up and deal with. I know I certainly don’t expect others to change their behaviour based solely on the fact that I have entered the room and may be offended by the topic of discussion. “So what?” I would ask! As adults I’m sure that the answer to being called a dirty word is not to run and tattle. I was under the impression that kind of temper tantrum was dealt with in kindergarten.

In the end all what we can really do is shrug it off or take it to heart. Either the person was simply acting very rudely, overtly so, or there might just be some truth to the statement. Why not make this an opportunity to grow, rather than make unnecessary enemies. Life is all about how you leave the world compared to how it was when you found it. Taking legal action against someone over silly bastardizations of an imprefect communication technique is every bit as ridiculous as imprisoning individuals for their fascination with exotic plant life.

Taking a Politically Incorrect Stance


I am perfectly aware of the risks of articulating what I am about to. The consensus among modern libertarians seems to be that free immigration is the only stance possible in this debate because of the ‘economic benefits’ and that those who oppose free immigration are just statists who want the government to control who can and can’t move about from here to there. For those swayed by the content of this article, I highly recommend that you look into other ‘paleolibertarian’ stances and you may find yourself agreeing me on more than just immigration. Finally, before I begin, I know that I have previously supported open borders and I fully retract any such support here and now.

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