H.L. Mencken in 10 Great Quotes

The ‘Great Authors in 10 Quotes’ is an ongoing series meant to expose readers to some of the most noteworthy thinkers in the classical liberal, libertarian, and anarchist traditions.  The challenge is finding material deep enough to reflect an author’s thought, while still being accessible for a brand new reader.  We encourage readers to leave comments linking to other written works and videos by the author.

Henry Louis “H. L.” Mencken (1880-1956) was a 20th century American journalist, author, satirist, and social critic.  Mencken was one of the most prominent American libertarians of the early 20th century. The son of German immigrants and early apprentice to his father’s cigar company, Mencken set out to become a professional journalist despite lacking connections or higher education. Ever the iconoclast, Mencken is known for both publishing the first English language book about the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, as well as serving as the primary correspondent to the 1925 Scopes “Monkey Trial”.  Mencken represents the ‘Tory Anarchist’ strain of American libertarianism; a worldview that combined Anglo-American classical liberalism, aristocratic social sensibilities, and a brutal commitment to honest assessment of their contemporary culture.  Continue reading

What to do about the Enemy Class?


By David Davis

Keir very kindly asked me to write something about how libertarians can ensure a future for liberty in a hostile world that’s right now populated by cultural Marxists and other Nazis. Ummm, I have broken Godwin’s Law already: oh well, there you go. I need specifically to talk about Nazis in the Anglosphere nations, which seem to be the places (and why?)  most heavily populated by these repulsive smelly fellows. Wonder why? Read on. I almost forgot as I’m now sucked into pretending to work for a living. The trouble with being retired in today’s Britain is that you have to work so hard.

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