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By Dean Hyatt

I am writing this in support of political action, but you may not be aware that there are others of the libertarian wing who do not, I especially choose political action because I see the threats and weakness’s to the agorist system and am not confounded by such theories. This article will go a long way of explaining why I resigned from the Conservatives and continue on as a Liberal Democrats (or rather just explains the Tory part). Another reason I want to touch this topic is because I do not accept Rothbard’s attempt at justifying political actions because of the basis he wrote:

“Konkin’s entire theory speaks only to the interests and concerns of the marginal classes who are self-employed. The great bulk of the people are full-time wage workers; they are people with steady jobs. Konkinism has nothing whatsoever to say to these people. To adopt Konkin’s strategy, then, would on this ground alone, serve up a dead end for the libertarian movement. We cannot win if there is no possibility of speaking to the concerns of the great bulk of wage earners in this and other countries.” – Murray Rothbard

I want to first give the explanation of the context of certain words I will be using. Agorists are people who believe that the best way to overthrow the state (gain liberalism) is by not engaging in political debates and elections (Political Action) but rather to follow a devised plan written by Konkin. Those who follow agorism believe politics is a tool for those who aggress, however if you’re an entrepreneur then that is deemed fine by the theoretical structure that has been devised. ‘Governments react not innovate’.

Counter Economics (My explanation)

Generally the theory goes out to those who believe fully in the free-market. So with this knowledge, it’s easy to guess that if that economy was to be put side-by-side another considerably weaker and non-adaptable market, it will end-up succeeding it because of demand for the counter-economic goods, due to the generally better standards because of the natural mechanisms at play.

Stances, the Arguments

If you take into regard efficiency, some agorists state that at the worst political action can do is help devise a more effective government, which will help the monopolies forevermore. However I disagree, because if that is the case, then surely by the way the system(s) work, we would have a majority (and backed by informed voters) so wouldn’t simply sit idle by and let the conservative lead a frontier! –So least the voters will keep the push.

The bigger debate starts when you take into regard the cult (the Government, an agorist term often used), political activists are engaging the cult, on equal terms which does put us under a disadvantage, especially someone like me a Libdem with old liberal views (arguable very different to the mainstream party). But again, cults need deprogrammers who engage the system and bite at those who further aid it (Allowing us to weed-out the ‘baddies’). This only in-turn can help us establish ourselves.

Another point against, the  individual should be able to reject the ‘justified plan’, Counter-economics (The end goal being the elimination of the state) on the grounds that even producing something as small as cardboard in an agorist fashion can wind them up in jail. There is no incentive for such a lifestyle!

Finally, a point I cannot personally clear, and personally do not believe is a strong agorist belief, that ,the stack of black market goods are by the agorists simply, not random folk looking for cheaper alternatives. To think such a thing, and believe is a key aspect, for if that is the case, who is really winning?

The Political Activists

The two people who I believed mirrored in their own way old liberal values were Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan. Thatcher has enabled a platform to which our economics can take credit and begin a conversation with someone of the public (however bad that may also be perceived). I think that itself has been an achievement, I can go outside now and use her as an example that people can relate to, persistent to current day economics, allowing me to save yet another individual in a collective society (Make sure you practise Rothbardian economics mind!).  And the American Ronald Reagan who again applied this small state thinking to America with his ‘religiously American views’, we now have an America that we could relate to!

So I carry such a saying ‘if you’re not a part of it, you cannot complain’ which I stole of someone else but use it from time to time to shut up certain folk. We have two significant people in our way of thinking, but both taking different means to the end-goal. What I would say is it’s a shame you cannot actively choose the two, for now it’s best to see the changes you make as a pinch of salt, but it keeps you going! Theoretically Counter Economics has more to it, but when you are living in the world you must act in according with your conscious, if you can justify your actions then that are ‘just’. There won’t be an economic secession for a long time!

All this consumes agorists to use such new terms such as Partyarch to describe someone acting in politics and political action. As a defector, I’m a pure example of what it’s like to really engage in political action and anyone (maybe such as you?) in a political party, come into this agora category too. Interesting to note, Konkin the founder of agorism also coined the term ‘Minarchists’ – Someone who believes in a limited state.

So far I have chosen to act politically and even before confronting whether it was both the ethically right and whether it is cost-effective. However I can safely say I believed it was effective, as my views were listened too and I seemed to making progress (Especially comparatively; Nothing, to something). I’m also human like you, and need to see the change!

More Information

I’m aware that agorism is a slightly different side to the coin, and probably may not have been traditionally encounter by old liberals reading this so please check out this primer for more information on applied work and here for an insight into agorism. The thing you may also find, if you go into the waters, is the limited about of theory work the agorist practise having forgotten the work of Mises and Rothbard!

Here Mark Stoval goes further to say voting, is supporting the evils of an ever thirsty state.

Interesting article aimed at those obsessed with political action.

Murray Rothbard V.S Konkin

I hope this article got you thinking about your general decision to act (or not act) the way you do and I also hope, if you haven’t heard of agorism, that you have learnt something new and can now relate to the even larger part of the libertarian community.

I maintain my own personal blog, so if you want to contact me then please go via my website DASHPolitiek. I am also on twitter @DeanASHyatt.

  • Howard MacKinnon

    Keep bashing your head into the brick wall that is political action while I and other agorists actually create a free society by counter-economic action. But you just please yourself, your utter uselessness if of no concern to me.

  • FreeRad ⓥ Mindmesh

    i didnt even bother reading past political action. You, at most, ate a counter economist. if you support political action you cannot be an agorist any more that you can be an anarchist and support a state.

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