Imaginary Lines On A Map

Immigration Illegal Chart

As economic power concentrates in parts of the world and declines in others, it is only natural that citizens seek to move to a place where a better life is more likely. While industrialized, modern nations like the UK and the US are not battling well against the free market, citizens seek to move there because of the guise of freedom and opportunity.


The UK might not be the freest country on earth, but if people wish to move there, so be it. However, today, people seek to make their little piece of Earth exclusive to somehow entertain their egos and to somehow justify to themselves that living on a piece of land north of a border will make you a better person. I am an anarchist, so I support the abolition of the state, and with that cuts out borders as well. To block someone from crossing a line because you fear it will block you from taking an opportunity on your side is ridiculous. It is only another regulation in the free market, as you are preventing competition from being public.

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Political Action


By Dean Hyatt

I am writing this in support of political action, but you may not be aware that there are others of the libertarian wing who do not, I especially choose political action because I see the threats and weakness’s to the agorist system and am not confounded by such theories. This article will go a long way of explaining why I resigned from the Conservatives and continue on as a Liberal Democrats (or rather just explains the Tory part). Another reason I want to touch this topic is because I do not accept Rothbard’s attempt at justifying political actions because of the basis he wrote:

“Konkin’s entire theory speaks only to the interests and concerns of the marginal classes who are self-employed. The great bulk of the people are full-time wage workers; they are people with steady jobs. Konkinism has nothing whatsoever to say to these people. To adopt Konkin’s strategy, then, would on this ground alone, serve up a dead end for the libertarian movement. We cannot win if there is no possibility of speaking to the concerns of the great bulk of wage earners in this and other countries.” – Murray Rothbard

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What Has the Coalition Done for Us?

uk coalition government2

The UK’s coalition government is hardly popular. Dissatisfaction with an incumbent establishment is normal, and the current climate of political disillusionment and economic sluggishness exacerbates matters. Furthermore, rulers require consistent and constant criticism and scrutiny. However, the coalition seems to be subject to particularly intense criticism. It has made many mistakes, and many of its policies are misguided at best, but it is unfair and unproductive to dismiss its achievements. It is worth appreciating the positives, if only to more legitimately criticise the mistakes and to be aware of how much worse things could be.

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Women Care Less About Politics?

In a study conducted by the Economic and Social Research Council, women are found to be less knowledgable about politics and current events. When asked questions like, who is Angela Merkel, who is the Secretary General for the UN, and what is the Copenhagen summit, men outscored women by a long-shot. This is true regardless of whatever gender gap exists within the individual’s country of origin.
Another interesting factor mentioned by the study is that women are more likely to say they don’t know their opinion or stance on whatever issue. I think that this is not necessarily a bad thing. I would argue that it is better to take the “I don’t know” opinion when you do not know or understand the facts instead of pretending to be an expert on everything that comes your way.
The findings of this study, to me, is saddening but not surprising. For the past few years I have been an ardent news and political junkie. I have been following the news, discussions, blogs, and twitter accounts of people who, like me, take great pleasure in discussing opinions and issues with others. What I have noticed, though, is that men seem to dominate the discussions and have the larger presence in political sphere than women do.

The Libertarian Approach To Climate Change: Privatize It!

WRITTEN BY: Emily Green

In a free society, property rights are protected. Anyone who harms you, or your property, must make restitution, personally. If you can prove I polluted your property, or your body, I am liable.

Imagine your crops failing from lack of rain. Are you the victim of normal changes of weather or, are you the victim of insidious anthropogenic global warming (AGW)?

These are difficult questions. According to much of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) dogma, man is likely to blame. However, there is a growing voice of credible dissenters. You’ll get no prizes for guessing what side of the debate the ever expanding, and polluting, duplicitous governments are usually on.
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NSA Scandal Is Somehow Legal?



The recent leak and subsequent scandal around the NSA’s PRISM program has become what one might be inclined to call a really big deal. The debate around it seemingly breached the usually iron clad partisan lines of Washington, with certain Republicans defending the president’s support of the program, while some hardline Democrats vilify him for it. With the lines so throughly shattered, the stage would be set for an educated national debate on privacy, the war on terror and to what extent security can be used to trump privacy, if this was any country other than the United States. Unfortunately, in a fashion far to typical of American politics, the educated debate has been all but drowned out by extreme rhetoric and what are, frankly, misleading assertions regarding the legality and constitutionality of the program.

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Happy Canada Day!

Canadian Flag

Canada, compared to other nations, is no libertarian paradise. (Somalia is thus far the winner in that department.) There are, however, many great things about the former, or in some ways, current, British colony.

Canada and the United States are fundamentally different countries with different laws and culture. While the United States ardently supports freedom and liberty in their Constitution, the Canadian constitution is less explosive, highlighting principles of peace, order, and good government. The U.S. is more “libertarian” in attitude, but their actual track record is different than Canada’s but not better.

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The Fallacy of Robin Hood Corporate Taxes

You Don't Own All Your Labor

The fallacy of Robin Hood Corporate Taxes: It’s society who pays in the long run.


First, as civilised people, it’s important to remember that we reject aggression, and that taxation is aggression. It is the taking of someone else’s property by force, if necessary.

So, let’s define what a corporation is, so we may know who we’re actually taxing. The legal fiction: the “corporation”, is merely a group of contractually associated people, whose team name has a certain legal “personhood”. In reality, when you tax the “corporation”, you’re taxing the individuals who comprise it, and its customers (society). Employees suffer the tax in the form of lower wages. We pay this tax in the form of higher prices and reduced services, as some of that tax is passed on. Finally, corporate taxes reduce a company’s share value, hitting our invested pension funds.

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