Imaginary Lines On A Map

Immigration Illegal Chart

As economic power concentrates in parts of the world and declines in others, it is only natural that citizens seek to move to a place where a better life is more likely. While industrialized, modern nations like the UK and the US are not battling well against the free market, citizens seek to move there because of the guise of freedom and opportunity.


The UK might not be the freest country on earth, but if people wish to move there, so be it. However, today, people seek to make their little piece of Earth exclusive to somehow entertain their egos and to somehow justify to themselves that living on a piece of land north of a border will make you a better person. I am an anarchist, so I support the abolition of the state, and with that cuts out borders as well. To block someone from crossing a line because you fear it will block you from taking an opportunity on your side is ridiculous. It is only another regulation in the free market, as you are preventing competition from being public.

Another guise is that the border lines somehow make us a lot safer. For someone like Edward Snowden, we know that isn’t true. Countries like the USA have enough political influence to the point where it’s touch and go when we need someone (like Snowden) extradited. The idea that it stops terrorists from attacking us is also phony. Again, closing borders to stop terrorism is like putting a band aid on a massive gash. It’s a temporary solution; to stop these attacks we would need to stop the root cause: the West’s antagonization of the Middle East.


In places like the West, where closing borders is a sign of patriotism, somehow freedom, and exclusivity, a lot of exposure will be needed to convince friends and family that opening the borders to the world is not a big deal, and will probably be beneficial. What could possibly go wrong from someone who wants to come to the West for economic opportunity? The only thing that could come from that is more trade. It seems we don’t like a lot of  trade coming in these days, by putting rules and regulations on businesses, we are only pushing the immigration wave towards Eastern countries.


Hopefully someday people will realize that living in a concrete bubble will only hurt you when you need help from the outside, and others when they seek to help you in the inside. To this date, no terrorist attacks have come because our borders are “too” open. In fact, it is the idea that we have a closed border that in countries like Mexico, they sell services to smuggle you into the US. What the free market cannot provide, a black market will.

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