Our Writers

Here are all our great libertarian writers, excluding our editors:

Adam Graves is a student studying politics in his final year at the University of Greenwich. A classical liberal and/or libertarian depending on the day of the week, his main areas of interest include oil and gas, particularly from unconventional sources, as well as taxation policy and the role of the market in economic growth and development.

Cal Barkovic is a market anarchist and economics student at the University of Exeter. He is a proponent of Misesian subjectivism, but is not an orthodox Austrian in his philosophy of science, believing praxeology to be valuable but insufficient for drawing policy conclusions to the end of convincing advocacy for a free society. His philosophy is influenced by Lao Tse and David Friedman more than by Rothbard, putting him at odds with deontological libertarians. He finds common ground with more left-wing market anarchists through an appreciation of SEK III and Max Stirner. He doesn’t vote.

Chris Stockdale is a business student at the Community College of Allegheny County in the US state of Pennsylvania, an anarcho-capitalist, and an activist for libertarianism in his area.

Doug Lasken is a retired school teacher in the LA Unified district, recently returned to coach debate, as well as a freelancer and education consultant. Read his blog at laskenlog.blogspot.com and his articles at Flashreport.org and write him at [email protected]

Emily Green is a lawyer, and journalist for The Libertarian. She believes that you are born free and should live your life as you think best. As long as you don’t infringe on anyone else doing the same, a bunch of people calling themselves ‘the government’ should not inhibit your life.

Jack Salmon is a Libertarian student studying Modern History and Politics at the University of Essex. He has a great interest in Austrian Economics, Hayek in particular. He is also the UK Local Coordinator for European Students For Liberty. He believes that it is crucial to provide networking opportunities and resources to empower liberty-minded individuals across the globe. He aims to spread the message of freedom and provide people with the knowledge necessary for a free society.

Jacob Huebert

James Snell

Jason Lu

Jock Coats is close to finishing his third and final year of a PhD program in economics, politics and international relations at Oxford Brookes University. He hopes to teach economics or politics, but primarily he is pursuing the degree in order to have “credentials” to write more seriously about anarchism. Jock has worked on the floor of the old London Stock Exchange as a jobber, as well as in information technology for 17 years, and very nearly became a Benedictine monk thanks to two packs of beagles. He has been a Liberal Democrat city councillor in Oxford (and remains a party member), a Georgist single-taxer, and would now describe himself as a mutualist, individualist anarchist, and market anarchist. It was, almost simultaneously, Kevin Carson and Hans Hoppe who convinced him to give up his last remnants of statism.

Joseph Bentley is an anarcho-capitalist libertarian and a philosophy student at the University of Sheffield. He is primarily concerned with the fundamental philosophical issues involved in libertarianism. He attempts to analyse modern-day issues in a broad historical context and often reference great thinkers such as John Locke, Gandhi, Ludwig Von Mises, Murray Rothbard and Thomas Jefferson, to name a few.

Joseph Wyly is the general counsel for a small business in Dallas called Mulligan Mint. He is a classical liberal whose primary political objective is to slowly wean his country off the teat of the state and restore liberty and the Constitution. In his articles, he attempts to discuss how to make the world more free from a pragmatic perspective and how to engage non-libertarians in a meaningful way. He is an avid support of Rand Paul, and loves the University of Texas at Austin, scotch, and great discussions.

Joshua King

Keir Martland is a paleolibertarian from the north of England and was the Friday Page Editor for some months in 2013. He now occasionally writes for The Libertarian. Having left the Conservative Party in early 2013, he is deeply sceptical of the ability of political parties to achieve libertarian ends. His main influences are of the Austro-libertarian variety, mainly Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard and Hans Hermann Hoppe, but he also enjoys the works of anarchist historian Keith Preston, and Libertarian Alliance Director Sean Gabb.

Mark Woodworth

Martin Sztefek is from Prague, and has just finished studying law at the University of Ghent. Primarily, he is concerned with praxeology, which he considers of vital importance for understanding the world and appreciating libertarianism, and its application to the field of law. He considers himself a libertarian in the Rothbardian tradition.

Matt Battaglioli lives in Midlothian, Virginia, and is a first-year student at John Tyler Community College. Matt sells musical instruments at Sam Ash Music on commission. There was a time when he was pursuing a degree in classical guitar performance at Virginia Commonwealth University, but he is now looking into studying economics. Matt has attended seminars presented by the Institute for Humane Studies and the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and is a member of Young Americans for Liberty and Students for Liberty. Matt still enjoys playing music frequently, and has his own self-titled album.

Matt Siebert

Nicholas Rogers

Paul Christian

Paul Nizinskyj is a Yorkshireman and crime reporter for an Essex daily newspaper. A socialist in a former life, he has been a member of the Conservative party since 2007, turned by a combination of John Ranelagh’s ‘Thatcher’s People’, lots of Hayek and David Cameron’s 2006 Conference speech on marriage. A director of Conservatives for Liberty and Friends of the Hereditary Peerage, he describes his political leanings as Whiggism.

Robert Winterton is an ideological anarcho-capitalist studying international politics in his second year at King’s College London. He is president of the university’s Libertarian society. He rejects deontological justifications of property rights, but would not describe himself as a ‘bleeding heart’ libertarian.

Steffan Hughes is a music student from Wales, now studying in Canterbury, Kent. During his A-levels, he was first inspired to take an interest in politics by Milton Friedman. He has now taken the intellectual pathway down to Austrian economics and liberty. As a practicing Anglican, he believes religion and liberty are indispensable to one another. Alongside his musical studies, he is also a keen philosopher, particularly concerning aesthetics and art; his greatest influence in this field has been the philosopher Roger Scruton.

Stephen Hoffman

Zohair is a Pakistani libertarian who believes that liberty and economic freedom are the key to human progress. He is a technophile and thinks that technology gives us the tools to beat back the ever growing tentacles of government. He is inspired by Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Hans Hermann Hoppe, Stephan Kinsella, and Robert Higgs.