As with most people, what we really want to do is to convince others of our beliefs. In our case it is of the value of liberty and the great many benefits that come with it.


Libertarians can often be quite divisive. Often you can have two people espousing almost identical variants of libertarianism at each others throats over a minute matter of ideological difference. This happens in all directions and from all parts of the movement and we believe that this is unhelpful. The difference between anarchism and minarchism may appear massive, but compared to what we have today, either would be a massive leap forward. And so, our mission is to unite the many and varied libertarian viewpoints against their true enemy, not themselves, but against the state.


And after all those high and mighty ideals there is one other thing to mention. We hope that you’ll enjoy our work. Whether it supplies you with stronger arguments with which to swat away those statist flies or if it just simply outrages you, so long as you enjoy it we’re satisfied.

What do our editors think?

Thomas Stringer - “Libertarianism is the valuing of liberty above all else, but not to the exclusion of all else.”

Keir Martand - “Libertarianism the only philosophy which is both argumentatively justifiable and which, when applied, will inevitably lead to unprecedented levels of peace and prosperity. Indeed, without certain Western governments historically recognising the validity of self-ownership and homesteading, civilisation would have come to a standstill long ago.”

Nazzy S. - “I’m a libertarian because I don’t know what’s best for you.”

Gabrielė Stakaitytė - “Libertarianism is the radical belief that people should be left to live their lives as they see fit. It is the philosophy of freedom, peace and happiness.”

Casper Zajac - “Libertarianism is about our freedom and our rights. It is about you and me. It is about you being allowed to disagree with me and live your own life. It is about me doing what I believe is right for me. It is about the State that respects every individual.”