Political Action


By Dean Hyatt

I am writing this in support of political action, but you may not be aware that there are others of the libertarian wing who do not, I especially choose political action because I see the threats and weakness’s to the agorist system and am not confounded by such theories. This article will go a long way of explaining why I resigned from the Conservatives and continue on as a Liberal Democrats (or rather just explains the Tory part). Another reason I want to touch this topic is because I do not accept Rothbard’s attempt at justifying political actions because of the basis he wrote:

“Konkin’s entire theory speaks only to the interests and concerns of the marginal classes who are self-employed. The great bulk of the people are full-time wage workers; they are people with steady jobs. Konkinism has nothing whatsoever to say to these people. To adopt Konkin’s strategy, then, would on this ground alone, serve up a dead end for the libertarian movement. We cannot win if there is no possibility of speaking to the concerns of the great bulk of wage earners in this and other countries.” – Murray Rothbard

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