NSA Scandal Is Somehow Legal?



The recent leak and subsequent scandal around the NSA’s PRISM program has become what one might be inclined to call a really big deal. The debate around it seemingly breached the usually iron clad partisan lines of Washington, with certain Republicans defending the president’s support of the program, while some hardline Democrats vilify him for it. With the lines so throughly shattered, the stage would be set for an educated national debate on privacy, the war on terror and to what extent security can be used to trump privacy, if this was any country other than the United States. Unfortunately, in a fashion far to typical of American politics, the educated debate has been all but drowned out by extreme rhetoric and what are, frankly, misleading assertions regarding the legality and constitutionality of the program.

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Happy Canada Day!

Canadian Flag

Canada, compared to other nations, is no libertarian paradise. (Somalia is thus far the winner in that department.) There are, however, many great things about the former, or in some ways, current, British colony.

Canada and the United States are fundamentally different countries with different laws and culture. While the United States ardently supports freedom and liberty in their Constitution, the Canadian constitution is less explosive, highlighting principles of peace, order, and good government. The U.S. is more “libertarian” in attitude, but their actual track record is different than Canada’s but not better.

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Snowden Trades His Security for Our Liberty


Many libertarians such as Ron Paul have fiercely opposed the Patriot Act by citing Benjamin Franklin’s argument that “those who trade liberty for security deserve neither.”  Edward Snowden has sacrificed a pretty good life to prove that we deserve liberty.  In other words, he traded his own security to win back some of the liberty that we have lost. Continue reading

When The Spy Is Spied On



Edward Snowden has been charged with two felonies under the Espionage Act. By whom? By his own Government. Yes. That’s right. The US Government, which spies on its own citizens, claims that this whistle-blower is a spy. As a result he fled Hong Kong for Russia. Congratulations President Obama, you have just made laugh all the people who in the time of Cold War jumped over the Berlin Wall hoping for better future in the West.

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Security vs. Freedom

'Top Secret'

Yet another scandal emerged this week in Washington. Barack Obama’s administration were accused of hacking into emails and phone calls of the Associated Press in order to check that no ‘confidential’ information got into public hands. On Thursday, Obama himself said that he would make ‘no apologies’ for the actions of the administration, citing his duty as commander-in-chief to protect national secrets and guard against the nation’s enemies. Continue reading

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