What to do about the Enemy Class?


By David Davis

Keir very kindly asked me to write something about how libertarians can ensure a future for liberty in a hostile world that’s right now populated by cultural Marxists and other Nazis. Ummm, I have broken Godwin’s Law already: oh well, there you go. I need specifically to talk about Nazis in the Anglosphere nations, which seem to be the places (and why?)  most heavily populated by these repulsive smelly fellows. Wonder why? Read on. I almost forgot as I’m now sucked into pretending to work for a living. The trouble with being retired in today’s Britain is that you have to work so hard.

Why is there a leftoNazi PoliticalEnemyClass? What’s it for? And why are they here in strength, in the British Dominion Nations in great strength, also in European nations in some strength, and not much at all in MexiChIndoBrazIndonesiRussia? The British Nation and its cultural children, the birthplace of liberal minimal-statism and the nations most approximating originally to somewhere where you could be born, live and die without much encountering the State[1], has deliberately been infiltrated by people that hated what it did, politically, inside itself, over some centuries, probably – we might suggest – between about AD 700 and 1750. All its free institutions, give or take, have now, however, been taken over by cultural Marxists[2], the real activist successors to the Fabians[3]. This has been done on purpose [4], [6].

Paul Johnson wrote an important book about 35 years ago, called “Enemies of Society” [5] In this he defines the real enemies of western civilisation. They are internal to us.  He powerfully describes how and why the real “take-off” of self-sustaining economic growth – which then coupled with better healthcare customs (through science) and habits and mass food production/distribution to abolish famines, took the West and especially England out of the terrible pre-capitalist Malthusian cycles of death, starvation and the necessity of pursuing barbarian-border-war.

There people, the Cultural Marxists, are so, so angry, and so incensed that an entire nation could not only escape paleofeudalism and the general state that Men lived in for millennia until, say, 1200. But, and but and but – worse – and this is what they will never forgive us for, ever: what we really did. – Loudly Shouting To The Whole Planet, While Pointing The Way To The Door Out Of Hell, something like this…


…So, they will never, ever, forgive us. They will never say sorry, and they will never give in, until they have got humans down to about 5 million individuals – if that – and they are in the “enclosures” (I can’t think of a better word for what they’ll have to live in, can you?) we are “outside”, we are about five million in total, and they hunt us for shaggable young girls (or boys?) and exact “tribute” from us by way, I suppose, of labour-service. Gives a new meaning to the “Labour Party” then.

Like the Irish farmer in Kerry, who when asked the way to (let us say) Kharkhov, replied “well now, if I wuzz you I’d nott bee starrting from here now, to be sure, no I wudd not, me, to be sure!” we have to see what could be done to rescue what remains of a classical liberal polity and civilisation in England – if not in the UK, although we’d hope for this.

The “cultural Marxists” hate how Men have got free of  pre-capitalist constraints – largely through English liberal influence on their local politics. They wanted to be the Arbiters Of The People – the “people” which they had elected, having dissolved all previous peoples. So, liberalism makes them completely redundant, you see: all those posts filled by them at the “The University Of Studies” have become meaningless as nobody would really want to go and hear the buggers droning on about class and deprivation in northern English cities in the 1800s.

So! The strategic problem faced by cultural Marxists is how to continue to be the feudal “Honestiores”, remaining on top, lording over the “Humiliores”. How to destroy Man’s ability to progress and be free of the bastards, be they ever so few – and they would be few if they really got their way: perhaps no more than a million or two. This is where “green-ness” comes in, as the latest and probably the single most damaging weapon the cultural Marxists have ever deployed against humanity.

It must follow that in a pluralist Western democracy there are few if any means of getting rid of these bastards, or of at least eternally negating their baleful influence in an orderly and agreed way. Satisfactory and easy though it might be, we can’t simply empty the Universities, television studios, newspaper offices, Council offices and Ministries of their senior inmates, put them up against the nearest walls and shoot the buggers or string them up from lamp-posts with piano-wire. The Police would of course object and look coldly upon such activity, as would millions of uninvolved others. It’s the Irishman/Kharkhov-problem all over again. A way needs to be found of taking account of political reality, so as to painlessly separate these buggers’ hands from the “levers of power” while transferring any activities in most areas that were actually necessary, that they pretended to “do”, into private hands – or better, no hands at all.

Ideally, all the structures supporting Fabian/Marxist destructive control of any society trying to “do liberty” ought to be swept down in an instant, and in such a way that its members are powerless to resist and are rendered impotent and harmless.

I personally fantasise about the “War Secretariat”, a ministry under the first British libertarian administration in Westminster, which has the executive power to simply demolish and sweep from existence in a trice such things as the BBC – there being no requirement for a “state broadcaster” now – and nearly all other ministries, with the possible exception of Defence. Dr Sean Gabb [1] also envisages some agency with the power to eliminate at least half the departments and activities of the state inside one month of taking office. For this to be achievable, an enormous majority in the Commons would have to be secured, and even then things would not go smoothly, for six-million(ish) sacked and wageless “ex public employees”, raging on the streets, would be difficult to contain. The Police, being a very very very major sufferer in this purge (there are too many Police already), would be hostile to the control of these people, especially since such a government would have immediately “legalised all drugs” – thus making about 90% of all policemen degeneratively-redundant. It’s also by no means certain that the Armed Forces or their officers would agree to operate crack-down measures upon people many of whom night be their own relations, severe enough to be effective.

But one of the first things to go would have to be the BBC. We might get away with actually shutting this down unilaterally and without any warning: the advantage is that there are now so many news outlets available, and so much programming-archive resources plus ways of viewing the stuff, that most of “The Masses” wouldn’t notice, still less care. In the ruckus such as is was, we might actually get to be able to shut down “The Guardian” and the “Daily Mirror” on some financial pretext or other. Again, most people would fail to notice and things might all blow over in a week or so. This is especially if “we” made a point of “suggesting to the newspapers and the TV stations” that “they should run stories” about pretty little girls and babies dying in terraced “social housing” fires somewhere or other, for long enough.

We might even get to be able to close about 200 “universities”, emptying their professorial contents onto the neighbouring streets. A couple of dozen, as was the case previously, is more than enough for 70-odd-million people, and some of  the buildings would make good technical colleges for the many thousands of young people wanting to, or needing now to, learn trades.

In the end, what can be done about the interlocked web of influence that the modern British Political-EnemyClass has upon all our public and private institutions? Nice as it would be to, as I said, sweep the bastards all away in a second, it would in reality take a big political effort of will, backed probably with physical force, to remove them all. It may be that it’s too late, that we are already lost: that the EnemyClass has won, and all we can do is hope to live out the balances of our lives in some sort of semi-detached liberty of our own making, through trying to interact with these bastards as little as possible. Perhaps the best hope for the future lies in education: in widening access to the remaining universities – the ones worth going to – among people not in any way connected with the tainted class of cultural Marxists, those whose children effortlessly grab all the best places, the best “internships” and the most lucrative or politically-influential jobs.

One item I forgot to address in the quiet of the night is the problem of taxation. Taxation under British Political-EnemyClass governments is too high, and continually rises. It is also aimed directly at the poorest in society, hurting them most on purpose, probably because the “Honestiores” and the GramscoFabiaNazis think they smell, eat badly, and ought not to travel much if at all. Probably that’s why they wall the poor bastards up in sink-estates, hoping they’ll “just die”.

The War Secretariat, as fast as it manages to fire/sack/eject bureaucrats, will directly turn over the costs savings on these bureaucrats and their offices/acitivites to reductions on taxation on ALL alcoholic drinks, ALL tobacco products and ALL motor/heating fuels. And that includes gas and oil. This will go some way to ensuring re-election in a political climate that will not be very friendly to us for some years.

But then, this is exactly the thing that the Political-EnemyClass wants to allow the least.


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