London student reported to police: “Enchanted by anarchism and individualism”


A headteacher in the London borough of Camden has come under fire by bloggers for reporting one of his students to police after reading the student’s blog, which criticised the school and revealed the student’s ‘enchantment’ with the philosophies of anarchism and individualism.  The student, named Kinnan Zaloom, 19, operated the ‘Hampstead Trash’ blog as an outlet for his and his classmates’ dissatisfaction with the practices of the Hampstead School and the conduct of its employees, lambasting the school’s overspending on promotional material, lack of investment in musical instruments and gym equipment, insincere attempts to listen to pupils’ views about the school, and a failure to raise GCSE results to a higher level.

The headteacher, in addition to reporting Zaloom to the police, phoned Glasgow University, where the student had applied to study, in an attempt to dissuade them from accepting him.

While the headteacher’s actions may certainly be described as an overreaction, what is more worrying is his own justification for them.

Asked what had first inclined him to contact the police, Mr. Szemalikowski said “the fact that Kinnan has mentioned the ideologies of anarchism and individualism on this blog.”  Digging himself even deeper, the headteacher added, “I must do something.  In the last year he has become more and more enchanted by antiestablishment ways of thinking and has even said that there is an inherent risk that every government is corrupt.”

The inherent risk of corruption in every human government, despite likely being taught by the politics faculty at Glasgow University, is evidently off-limits for discussion by pupils at the Hampstead School.  Kinnan Zaloom, as a result of his articles, has been banned from returning to the school grounds, and now that this scandal has gone public, I imagine that alumni of the Hampstead School will be hard put to enter the grounds of Glasgow University from now on.  It is hard to see how a school with a new and painfully poor reputation such as this could ever hope to bring its students to success.

The Hampstead School, according to Zaloom’s blog, has for years played the school league tables and invested more of its funding in public relations than teaching, putting the reputation of the school before the success of its own students.  The school used for fundraising. The focus on collective achievement over achievement of the individual - which lies at the center of the headteacher’s philosophy - is a blight on any field or industry, but perhaps no more so than in education.  In an economy filled with millions of different jobs and roles for millions of unique individuals with their own skills, characters, and aspirations, the job of educators is not to boost the rankings of their own institutions but to prepare their charges for the demands of an increasingly diverse world.  Individuality is necessary for success, now more than ever, and Jacques Szemalikowski and others in his position would do well to recognise that.

Now that the head of the school has publicly admitted to phoning universities to discourage them from accepting Hampstead students he doesn’t like, it is time for the public to hold him accountable, before another student’s career is ruined by his ideological crusade.

“What worries me is if I had been a year younger they said they would have expelled me halfway through my A-levels,” writes Zaloom in a post.  “That means they would have been prepared to ruin my education because they didn’t like my thoughts.”

The Hampstead School can be reached by telephone at:  020 7794 8133

The Camden New Journal, which was the first to cover this story, can be reached at:  [email protected]

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    Anyone who thinks world governments are not inherently corrupt isn’t fit to teach. Has this man never studied history?

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  • Gath Gealaich

    “and has even said that there is an inherent risk that every government is corrupt”

    Apparently, he paid good attention in his Citizenship class! :)

  • Jessica Darko

    Typical of leftists, they can’t tolerate people who think for themselves. “individualism” is evil because its’ the opposite of collectivism. These kinds of actions show that they really are communists.

    • vidarh

      You don’t see the irony of a teacher complaining about his mention of anarchism on his blog, and complaining it is “typical of leftists” to do like the teacher?

      Hint: Look up Bakunin, for example. He was one of the early important anarchist thinkers, and one of the earliest translators of the Communist Manifesto to Russian; Or look up Proudhon - the *first* person to call himself anarchist, and, surprise, surprise: a libertarian socialist.

      In other words: The student was espousing leftist, individualist philosophy, and this teacher criticised him for espousing leftist, individualist philosophy.

      Spot your mistake.

      Or go read the students blog, maybe you’ll learn something.

      • tmc

        Bakunin, Proudhon: individualists.

        How do people come up with this shit?

        • vidarh

          By actually reading and understanding the theories involved. You should try it.

          They were proponents of an ideology that contends that the state must be reduced to its bare minimum (Proudhon) or destroyed (Bakunin), as it is a tool of oppression, and that society should be built on voluntary association. So individualists, yes.

          If you believe collectivism is not compatible with individualism: Proudhon was explicitly anti-collectivist. He was a supporter of e.g. mutualism, founded explicitly on individual ownership of land but voluntary cooperation, but he also made it very clear that the choice of organization should be voluntary and down to the individual.

          Regarding Bakunin, let me quote from “God and the State”:

          “The liberty of man consists solely in this, that he obeys the laws of nature because he has himself recognized them as such, and not because they have been imposed upon him externally by any foreign will whatsoever, human or divine, collective or individual.”

          Bakunin did believe in collectives, but entirely through voluntary organization - he did not believe any authority had the right to enforce them, and explicitly wanted the state destroyed to ensure nobody had the power to oppress or force a specific organization of society.

          He repeatedly clashed with Marx over this - in marxism, the goal is also the abolition of the state, but for it to first be used as a tool by the working class majority to bring about social changes. Bakunin predicted that this idea would end up being abused by revolutionary groups that would grab the power for themselves, and so that it needs to be dismantled immediately.

          • tmc

            >If you believe collectivism is not compatible with individualism

            They’re opposite principles.

            I’ll ask again: how do people come up with this shit?

          • Tom Sullivan

            They are not necessarily opposite principles. Voluntary involvement in collective arrangements is not incompatible with individualism.

          • vidarh

            If you’d bothered to actually read up on voluntary collectivism you wouldn’t be spouting *your* bullshit. Collectivism in the political sense is merely about operating and/or owning property jointly.

            Forced collectivism, such as e.g. practised by the old Soviet government, is not compatible with individualism.

            Voluntary collectivism on the other hand, is commonly practised by adherents of individualist ideologies: Any private company with more than a single owner, for example is an example of the voluntary collective ownership of a corporate entity.

            Then again, I gave Proudhon as one of my examples for exactly the reason that I expect you’d have an unwarranted knee jerk response at the thought of collectivism:

            As mentioned, Proudhon preferred mutualism: an economic system based on individual ownership but with cooperation to maximize benefits from the individually owned property.

            E.g. rather than a group of farmers for example voluntarily deciding to create a single farm with join ownership (which would have been Bakunins ideal), he would have preferred that they, for example, agreed to exchange services in a way designed to maximize utility of their land and tools while each person would retain individual ownership.

            In that respect Proudhon was leaning further towards individualism than even most libertarians would be willing to.

        • Tom Sullivan

          As vidarh has already said, by reading, digesting and understanding what they wrote about. If you had already done this, you wouldn’t have posted this comment, as it make you look so ill-informed. Bakunin and Proudhon were libertarian long before it became associated with the right wing. Libertarian vs Authoritarian is an entirely different paradigm from Left vs Right.

    • robrecord

      You are projecting your political views. This has nothing to do with left or right.

    • MatthewSherrard

      This is not collectivist but corporatist. He’s concerned not with the student collective, but the health and success of the institution. For a collectivist, the ONLY value of the institution is the student collective. Without their success, it is meaningless.

      Same with government. So there is nothing leftist or collectivist about marginalizing antiestablishment thinking, especially since there’s very little leftist or collectivist about most governments.

    • bbqr0ast

      This is neither a left or right issue. It’s an issue about an idiotic headmaster who can’t understand the idea that people, gasp, have different view points and, gasp, that this doesn’t automatically make them terrorists.

    • stupocalypse

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  • kfogel

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  • Wayne Gilmore

    This educator is a good socialist and even better liberal. The only truth is the one they give you, when you can answer how many fingers and believe it, your in.

    • Tom Sullivan

      It isn’t anything to do with socialism but has everything to do with authoritarianism/statism.

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