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  1. Steven Chelton at |

    You are an idiot. Watch this! He shows lots of pictures for your little brain to understand.


  2. Stephen Hoffman at |

    Steven great to see your level of debate resorts to name calling- especially of a person you don’t know. Feel free to argue with me on the points, but quite frankly insulting someone before you put your side of the argument makes you look pathetic- but hey if that’s the look your going for, you are doing a great job. Back in the real world like in everything there are two sides to every argument. I’m presenting one side which I strongly believe in. I’d like to show you this film- do have a look- you may not agree, but at least you can see another view. Even if your right on the science, is it worth bankrupting ourselves, i’d say not. PS; there are many well reasoned people including people like Frank Singer who are now questioning the science behind global warming- it’s not a theory solely for ‘crackpots’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw5Lda06iK0