UKIP and Progressive Taxation

Nigel Farage

Unlike some laissez-faire capitalists, I do not oppose ‘progressive’ taxation just for the sake of it. Indeed, the fact that UKIP has switched from a flat-tax policy to a progressive one is not a reason for me to criticise him. A libertarian can, as it happens, advocate a set of progressive tax rates without contradicting himself.

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Are UKIP a libertarian safe haven?

David Coburn

Any Political philosophy and adherence to it is by degree. Libertarians are no different and express a wide spectrum of views.

UKIP’s Libertarianism is based more on individual Liberty with a dash of social conscience. Libertarianism should be tailored to the British condition. Our solution should be Tunbridge Wells not Wells Fargo. UKIP Libertarianism is more in the spirit of John Stuart Mill and Adam Smith than Ayn Rand and the American Rifle Association. Continue reading

UKIPs youth wing in meltdown.

Yet another office holder within UKIPs youth wing Young independence (YI) has been forced to step down today. Richard Lowe, 28, was formerly the prospective parliamentary candidate for UKIP in Chester but following a letter he wrote to the Chester Standard in support of equal marriage he was told that his party would no longer support him in this role. Continue reading