Libertarianism, Individuality & the Future

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What part exactly does Libertarianism or individuality play in humanities past, present and future? Well to start, let’s take a look at the word individuality. The dictionary describes individuality as: ” … the qualities that distinguish one person or thing from all others.”. Therefore, individuality is what makes everyone of us unique and is fundemental in humanity’s advance. What makes it so necessary? Individuals throughout history have been the very core of human progress. From science to society, personal independence is the key factor that provides for unique thought, actions, experiments and ultimately discovery.

Libertarianism finds its roots in the ideologies and theories of Aristotle, John Locke, Jean-Baptiste Say and many others. Although broad in spectrum many can find common ground in the goals and values of Libertarianism. These goals being ; Individual liberty, political freedom and voluntary association. While many would describe these pursuits as good natured, however, many also believe that they are unrealistic. An issue which has been debated since the times of ancient Greece.

History presents us with a multitude of examples where Libertarianism and individuality not only helped mankind advance, but have essentially changed us as a people. From the early Roman Republic to the newly born United States. Freedom has arguably played a greater role than most others in the evolution of human society. It is the basic factor to institutions such as freedom of religion and speech. Man’s pursuit of independence has influenced art, literature, theater, fashion, et cetera.

So where do we find ourselves today? What is the state of Liberty, Libertarianism and individuality in our world? Well, the answer isn’t what one might hope for. Liberty is scarce to come by and freedom is being hunted ferociously. Individuality is discouraged and the Collective is prioritized. Now I don’t say this as a consipracy theorist or as a crazed nut-job. Only as someone that sees where we used to be, and where we are today.

The question that we need to ask ourselves is ; “What about the future?”.

The answer is that the future will be nothing without individuals with the freedom and independence to chase their dreams. When the sky is no longer the limit, our potential will only be fully realized if we are able to restore the idea that the individual is paramount while government is intended as a servant, not the other way around. If this dream can be renewed, the future will be a bright place. A place where our children and grandchildren will accomplish the impossible. But, if we don’t wake up to the threat of our own complacency; the future is bleak, a world without creativity and the possibility of living out our dreams and desires.

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