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When is a Drone in Your Neighborhood a Bad Thing?

This is the second of a two-part series on drones and their implications on a free society.

In the previous article in this series we explored the lighter side of drone use. How they can be used by individuals for fun and profit. That’s not the plan for this one, here we’ll talk about the “scaaaarrrryyyy” aspects of both public and private drone usage, policy and technology. Continue reading

When is a Drone in Your Neighborhood Not a Bad Thing?


This is part one of a two-part article on drones and their implications on a free society.

Anyone who reads the news is well aware of President Obama’s policy of drone warfare. Privacy advocates are up in arms that local jurisdictions, federal agencies and even news organizations are buying drones up like hotcakes. Robotic death from above, or the eye of big brother in the sky, but is there a lighter side to drones? Continue reading

“Jailbreaking” can now land you in jail… Except when it doesn’t!

Librarian of Congress.

The Librarian of Congress has issued a ruling informing American citizens that they do not have the right to modify their own property.

What is the Librarian of Congress protecting the American citizen from? A scary gun? Possibly an environment-destroying vehicle? Surely it is something insidious, inherently dangerous or at least annoying, right? Continue reading