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Free speech is the section of The Libertarian dedicated to people of controversial views, controversial to libertarians that is.

It will host articles on all manner of topics by those who may disagree with aspects of libertarianism or even the philosophy in its entirety.

The aim of Free Speech is to generate debate among libertarians and in the wider world generally through which the philosophy can be strengthened.

Another White House Petition Goes Down in Flames


Every so often, I read something of such breath taking inanity that it makes me sad for mankind. Usually, writing in this category is found in the Letters to the Editor section of my local newspaper, so I was surprised to see that my most recent find came from none other than the White House. Of course, perhaps my surprise was out of line, because if there is one thing that the government excels at producing, it’s mind-numbingly stupid propaganda. Continue reading

The State and Piracy

It seems that piracy has, as it did a couple centuries ago, surfaced once again near the top of the official “things to fear” list. Admittedly, I’m a bit late — as I write, it is being replaced by flu. It’s always important, not just to keep the population in a state of fear, but to keep changing the items to be feared. This way, people will not fix their fear on a particular item, and then relax when that item is no longer reported. The goal is to keep us in a constant state of fear and dependence. Continue reading

The Lighter Side of Blackmail

Dr. Walter Block, professor of economics at Loyola University New Orleans, and unrepentant anarchist, made the claim in his 1976 book, Defending the Undefendable, that there is nothing inherently immoral about blackmail and in fact if legalized could reduce immoral activities overall. Continue reading

The Massacre at Sandy Hook and the Elephant in the Room

Since the most recent American school shooting-of-the-month that occurred on 12-14-12, thousands of aware mental health professionals, psychiatric survivors and victims of drug-induced violence have been watching and listening in vain for any of the major TV or radio networks to even breathe a single word about the likely possibility that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter (widely identified as having had a very troubled, bullied, but over-privileged childhood) was on brain-altering prescription drugs. Continue reading