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‘Cuba’s Healthcare, a Model for the U.S.’ Says CNN

Good thing for us that Rich Noyes of The Media Research Center keeps an eye on CNN. Good thing for CNN too. Given the latest Nielsen ratings (that finds them 17th during prime time) Ted “Fidel Castro is one helluva guy!” Turner’s brainchild should be grateful for any and all viewers, whatever their motivation. Continue reading

The Massacre at Sandy Hook and the Elephant in the Room

Since the most recent American school shooting-of-the-month that occurred on 12-14-12, thousands of aware mental health professionals, psychiatric survivors and victims of drug-induced violence have been watching and listening in vain for any of the major TV or radio networks to even breathe a single word about the likely possibility that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter (widely identified as having had a very troubled, bullied, but over-privileged childhood) was on brain-altering prescription drugs. Continue reading