Only in America, a country which has replaced its Constitution with political correctness, its Bill of Rights with diversity, its Christian Principles with tolerance and its education system with adulterated socialism, could one see what I recently witnessed on my lobotomy box (TV) and not be physically ill.

A government employee, euphemistically referred to as the leader of something called the Justice Department, referencing the recent shootings in this country called for a reexamination of our Rights and Freedoms. Yes, this is the same man responsible for putting the same kind of weapon used by recent mass murderers in the hands of criminals who have used those weapons to kill hundreds in our country and our neighbor to the South, including a Border Patrol Agent. Only in Bizzaro world could a seemingly sane individual, one who placed guns in the hands of criminals, call for laws to take those same type firearms of the hands of honest citizens. The fact he went unchallenged proves to all who claim at least a modicum of intelligence that our government and its lackeys in the media are in fact the criminals from whom we must protect ourselves.

As I stated previously, my heart aches for the loss of those children and adults in Connecticut and all others who have died at the hands of monsters whose crimes have been abetted by a government who routinely disarms these criminal’s victims and provides them safe havens (gun free zones) in which to commit their crimes relatively unmolested.

Stories of real heroes are emerging from these senseless tragedies. Adults attempted to save some of the children by standing UNARMED between them and the shooter(s). These brave souls had the courage to stop the crimes, but not the tools. Those tools had been denied them by the very government who claims to protect them.

The fact the shooter turned his firearm on himself when guns other that those he could control arrived is most telling. A criminal who wants to commit “suicide by cop” would have gone down shooting. He certainly was not concerned with others being hit by “friendly” fire.

Mass murder with attendant suicide is characteristic of assassins trained through mind control. So is calmly waiting for the police to arrive in the event one does not take their own lives. Human instinct demands one try to escape the scene of one’s crimes. (Hit and Run drivers are a great example) The shooter’s apparent comfort and ease with taking the lives of innocent children and unarmed adults is also characteristic of mind control. The key words, intelligent, isolated and despondent are base line characteristics of almost all of these type shooters. How many times have we heard these words used to describe those who have committed these terrible crimes? This common denominator must be investigated, but not by the government who may be involved. *

Ironically, this same government, its socialist supporters and quite a few who call themselves Christians would have had absolutely no problem with the deaths of these children had it occurred a few years earlier at the hands of a medical professional in an abortion clinic instead of Friday at the hands of a madman. When it comes to children, with our government and their lackey’s in black robes, it’s not a matter of how you kill them; it’s a matter of when.

*”The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has cursed the earth with unmanned missile systems, all-terrain robots and machines that feast upon — and then fuel themselves with — human flesh. The group, which works as a contractor for the US Department of Defense, now hopes to turn actual humans into controllable, mindless and murderous cyborgs.” ~Warren Riddle,

3 thoughts on “ONLY IN AMERICA

  1. Wendy C.

    Jerry B. we are still trying to figure that out. If you have any suggestions they are welcomed. You have already been disarmed how is it going for you? Piers Morgan says things are great since there are no guns. Love to hear from a real Brit on that subject.


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