UKIP Call Murdered Soldier Lee Rigby’s Family ‘Idiots’

David Cameron’s jibe that UKIP are nothing but a bunch of fruitcakes loonies and closet racists is something that UKIP members ardently deny. It’s an accusation that they just can’t shake off with gaffes being a regular staple of UKIP politics. The upper echelons in UKIP HQ will be horrified to hear of yet another today by UKIP member Marty Caine, when on twitter her accused Drummer Lee Rigby’s family of being ‘idiots.’

This came just days after UKIP sent out memos warning its members not to comment on the Woolwich Terrorist Attack.

  • Nick Dancer

    This article and indeed its title are very anti-Libertarian as they bame a group for the comments and behaviour of an individual when the group/party has not endorsed these comments and has a policy against them. It is important to not that UKIP has a section it its constitution and terms of membership that explicitly prohibit any form of support for groups such as the EDL…Marty Cain has done that. In my view the party needs to discipline him! This article has a misleading title…very anti-Libertarian and very UAF or Hope Not Hate Esq!

    • Nick Dancer

      thought “The Libertarian” was going to be a serious magazine that worked with substance and not another bigoted rag….I hope this article isn’t a sign of things to come! I notice that my article hasn’t been published 2 months on!

  • Marty Caine UKIP

    If I was to say you were acting like an American, I would not be stating that you are an American, would I, I happen to be ex Army and there is no way I would try to cause a soldiers grieving family any kind further stress by calling them idiots. The ones who are causing the biggest insult are those like you who are deliberately spreading this malicious falsehood.

    • Nick Dancer

      Oh Marty its a shame to see that you take my criticisms personally The point is you’ve brought UKIP bad press…I was merely pointing out that your ‘personal view’ is not a ‘party view’ and that the party should not be dragged through the mud for its members ‘personal views’ that its members have, especially when they contradict the party line! You of course are entitled to your own personal view….A libertarian doesn’t seek to suppress the views of others and as I am sure you are capable of seeing that I have not done this!