UKIP issue gagging order over Woolwich


In what now seems a premonition of the recent UKIP scandal UKIP issued a gagging order of sorts, eMailing their members to warn them off commenting on Woolwich.

Some are of the opinion that any party that is afraid to give its members autonomy is one which fears embarassment from its membership.

  • Nick Dancer

    Im a member of the party with no spokesman role and did not get the email. It is clear that this has been issued to spokespeople and not all members etc. This does not show that UKIP are scared of comments from its members, if so they would have prevented Marty Caine’s comments in his blog! So that proves you wrong. It is standard procedure in ANY party for its whips to instruct it’s spokesman on things it can and cant comment on. To disagree with this principle of collective responsibility and a party line is to disown the concept of party politics and by definition all political parties! Stupid comment, why is a so called “Libertarian” magazine publishing things like this…its joining the ranks of the bigoted rags!