Blood on the Streets Of Istanbul

Thousands of protesters have flooded Taksim Square in recent days after heavy handed police brutality.

Here are 11 photos showing the size of the protests and the brutaity with which the police have responded.

1) The size of the protests are best seen from the air - an arial View Of Taksim Square

2) 40,000 More Protesters Cross Into Istanbul

3) Protesters stand on a television van with banners reading on ‘Tayyip (Turkish Prime Minister) must resign’

4) Protesters and Riot Police clash violently in the streets of Bodrum

5) You wouldn’t want to be among those riot police!

6) A man is beaten by police

7) And Another Man is stomped on by police

8) Used tear gas shells litter the streets around Taskim Square

9) And now we are at the last 3. And they are quite possibly the most shocking. First a man who appears to have been run over by a tank

10) Blood on the streets of Istanbul

11) The Revolution Won’t Be Televised, so get tweeting and sharing!

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  1. uzitgc at |

    that’s not blood, it’s probably paint. I’ve seen it in many pictures.