Data At The Speed Of Light

Data At Speed Of Light Img

A new  fiber optic cable developed by England’s University of South Hampton promises data at almost the speed of light. Their new cable technology has a latency of 99.7% light-speed. With transfer speeds hitting about 10 terabytes per second. The secret of this new cable innovation comes from the core construction. Most fiber cables use a plastic/glass core, which can slow the light flowing through the cable by about to 30% compared to a vacuum. The new cable construction uses an improved hollow core design allowing the light to travel through air rather than the slower conventional cable material. Also designing a new internal sheath that incorporates a photonic-bandgap phenomenon to carry the wave down the cable and around corners. Continue reading

Are UKIP a libertarian safe haven?

David Coburn

Any Political philosophy and adherence to it is by degree. Libertarians are no different and express a wide spectrum of views.

UKIP’s Libertarianism is based more on individual Liberty with a dash of social conscience. Libertarianism should be tailored to the British condition. Our solution should be Tunbridge Wells not Wells Fargo. UKIP Libertarianism is more in the spirit of John Stuart Mill and Adam Smith than Ayn Rand and the American Rifle Association. Continue reading

The Boston Bombing, Police Raids And A Worrying Reaction To Terror

Watertown USA

The point of terrorism, as its name implies, is not simply to cause harm, but more precisely to cause fear. What could play more into a terrorists hands than a governments over-reaction that causes far more fear and erodes civil liberties far further than the terrorists could possibly do alone. Watch the video to see just one awful incident among a doubtless many in the aftermath of the Boston Bombing. Continue reading

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