But won’t everyone become heroin addicts?

This is an easy topic for most thinking individuals. I will present the main case for it below and then will address the most common objections.

Foremost, what you consider amoral is simply a function of your place and time in society. From the comforts of your energy drinks and over-the-counter Tylenol you can make your case against whatever depressant or stimulant you wish but without the comforts of modern medicine you would likely have a different take on what drugs are good and bad. More important than this however is the idea that it doesn’t really matter what you consider moral or amoral. You’re simply not that important. What does matter is the amount of force you’re willing to inflict on someone else who doesn’t agree with your opinion? What shall we do with these drug users? Hang them? Stone them? Nah, this is too Old Testament. Let us instead house them behind bars at our own expense. Maybe that will teach them. Wait, drugs are easily accessible in the prison systems as well. Oh well, at least we are doing the right thing right? No!

How can anyone possibly envision the success of a drug war spanning 10,000 miles of coastline if we can’t keep them out of a government armed prison? It’s basic supply and demand. The more supply of drugs removed from the street only increases the price of an already additive substance. In turn, addicts respond with increasing crime to fund their habit. Dealers respond to higher prices by increasing their supply via turf wars and imports… and the cycle continues. You want your kids to not use drugs? Than become a model for your children. Without drug wars there would be no 50-Cent rappers driving Bentleys while living in the projects. There would be no glamorization of drugs because there would be no black market. Drugs would become corporatized and sold via fortune 500 pharmaceuticals. No more back ally buying from the man with the gun. It would be 1-800-ordermeth. And what is wrong with this? What’s it to you if someone wants to get high in their living room? And if you do feel some moral obligation to help them, than help them. Start a local intervention shelter. Offer counseling. Show you care with actually acting with care! Get off your couch, close 2 Corinthians 9:7 in your Ryrie study bible and do something. Stop outsourcing your charity to your government.

But won’t everyone become heroin addicts?

Would you? Than clearly everyone wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. I would do everything within my capacity as a man to make sure my kids wouldn’t. But you cannot force your morality on others in the name of charity. Force of charity is a contradiction in terms.

But I don’t want people high on crack driving school buses?

Neither does your school. Legalization of drugs doesn’t eradicate rules in the workplace or rules set forth by property owners. Any place of business still retains the right to require drug testing and rules of conduct for employment.

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