How to change a Facebook page URL


So you’ve finally made that page for your business? Well done! But to like to your page people have to use a url thats more catchy than the rather cumbersome urlls facebook gives you automatically;

Well great news you can! And very easily too. The only caviat is that you must have at least 30 page likes. But that should be easy enough.

So how do you do it?
1) Make sure your page has at least 25 likes
2) Login to Facebook on the account that is pages admin
3) Type into your URL bar –
4) Select which pages URL you wish to change as you may be admin for more than one page
5) Type in the URL that you would like until you find one that is available.

You now have your very own Facebook URL. Great news for your page so expect more interactions and more views now that it’s easier to navigate to your page.

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