LibLabCon are all the same, and we’re the ones with egg on our faces


Britain’s ruling oligarchy is rotten to the core. The three main parties are simply there to propagate themselves, without a thought for the paying public.

Two stories this week, one comical, one scandalous, illustrate the point that UK politics is in the cesspit.

The laughable sight of Ed Miliband being egged on an otherwise stage-managed walkabout in Walworth made me chuckle, but the underlying cause was revealing.

Expert, or should that be eggs-pert yolk-chucker Dean Porter, who caught the Labour leader square on the head with one yolker spoke to reporters afterwards about why he targeted Miliband. He said: “I haven’t bought anything they’ve [Labour] said for a long time.” He added: “They’re more interested in making business for opportunist companies.”

And therein lies the rub. Labour doesn’t care less about those it was founded to represent – the working class. How can it? It is a party of publicly-schooled, semi-aristocrats and lawyers, who laughably now have to be a member of a trade union. Panel-beaters and factory workers they ain’t.

They fail to represent their core support, just as the Tories fail to represent theirs. Their only focus is staying in, or achieving power, no matter what policies, manifesto commitments or “cast-iron” guarantees they make.

Which brings me on to the sordid story this week.

Eager to boost flagging coffers, the ruling ConLib coalition slumped to a new low this week. They misappropriated (stole in old money) the life savings of a dedicated nurse, who bequeathed half a million pounds to the nation in her will.

Joan Edwards wrote in her will: “I bequeath all my estate both real and personal to… whichever government is in office at the date of my death for the government in their absolute discretion to use as they may think fit.” That is “whichever government”, not “whichever party/parties”. But that didn’t stop the snouts-in-the-trough Tories and LibDems from filching the cash and embezzling it in their party funds.

It was only thanks to some top-notch journalism from the Daily Mail that this ruse was ever exposed. Perhaps that’s why all three parties were present in that shady late-night deal with Hacked Off, which was designed to make the Government the master of the free press.

LibLabCon, they’re the same party and unfortunately, ultimately it’s us with egg on our faces.

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