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  1. Emile Yusupoff
    Emile Yusupoff at |

    The Burka is undoubtedly a tool of oppression, is certainly unpleasant and in many cases it is forced on its wearers either explicitly or through social pressure. However, this does not justify a ban, as two forms of control do not create freedom. Even if those who do it by choice are a minority, their right to do so remains significant. Likewise, for those without a choice, it is probable that their lifestyle would be forcibly shifted (made to stay within the home, etc.). An alternative is sustained criticism and education, alongside increasing opportunities. Parallels with prostitution perhaps?

    1. Gabrielė Stakaitytė
      Gabrielė Stakaitytė at |

      I agree, two wrongs don’t make a right. While it might not be a “choice” per se for most women who wear these kinds of clothes to wear them, banning is not the answer. Education and no tolerance for extremism would probably be better alternatives.