Update from the Police State


The following article was written by Police State USA: Land of the Checkpoints and is republished with their permission.

The police state is on the rise. Sometimes we libertarians forget what we’re fighting for, getting lost in the minutiae of economic theory or whether we need no state or small state. Here’s a small reminder why we have to fight for liberty. This may be happening in the US, but it resonates all over the world.

This July 4th, a joint task force of local and federal enforcers celebrated America’s freedom by performing warrantless bag searches on travelers, and inserting a highly visible team of paramilitary police to condition the public to the police state. They called their terror drill “Operation Independence.”

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department was joined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and TSA. Travelers were forced to open up their bags at random in a demonstration of their independence from following the constitution.

More information in the video:


  • Mark Stoval

    I hope this comment makes it. I have been trying for a week to make a comment while using ghostery.

    Anyway, good post and good point. The USA has been getting closer and closer to being a police state for decades. It is moving at an ever accelerating pace.

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