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  1. Libertarian Emily at |

    Well said. Individuals are better masters of their own destinies than a far removed politburo member, who’s only interest is the same as most other politicians: power.

    If socialists fault individuals as too selfish to be trusted with power over themselves, then they must also fault other individuals in the politburo with the same flaws in character. Are not those who comprise these immense bureaucracies, the state, also individuals? Disproportionately, the flaws of bureaucrats are magnified as their position allows them to inflict damage flowing from those flaws over many more people, than there mere individual could when exercising choices over themselves alone.

    Could you elaborate on how Marx’s socialism was libertarian leaning?

  2. Ted Seay at |

    “Let us assume that the socialist economic principle of collective ownership over the means of production is viable. The market will prosper…”

    It will? How will it calculate prices? Via Five-Year Plan™?