The War On Swiss Banks and why this should terrify us.


J.H. Huebert had an excellent article about the US attempts to force the Swiss bank, UBS, to divulge information about US account holders to the IRS. These efforts are nothing less than an attack on Switzerland’s sovereignty in the form of its ability to establish and maintain its own banking laws. Continue reading

Ron Paul Is Right - Legalize drugs now!

Ron Paul

Suddenly the world is abuzz with talk about legalizing marijuana and other drugs. Political candidates, politicians, former presidents, interest groups, and even the Global Commission on Drug Policy are all calling for drug-policy reform. Given that we are in a worldwide economic and fiscal crisis, why is everyone interested in drug policy? Have we all suddenly regained our senses and realized that prohibition is irrational? Continue reading

Lower the Debt Ceiling

Debt Ceiling

Currently, the big show in Washington, DC, centers around raising the debt ceiling. Congress began setting this ceiling in 1917 so that the Treasury could independently issue debt. The debt ceiling is like the limit on your credit card, except the federal government sets the limit on itself. When President Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971, the national debt was $400 billion. The increase in the national debt last year alone was four times the entire debt in 1971. Continue reading

I’ll Vote Ron Paul If I Want To!

Ron Paul

It is not unusual to find, in many media and blog reports about Ron Paul, the statement that he won’t, or can’t, win. Not, be it noted, that “political analysts agree” that he can’t win, which would at least indicate that this is an opinion based on some sort of analysis. No, just “he can’t win,” reported in the same manner a reporter might say, “Ron Paul visited Austin yesterday.” I have never seen or heard this statement supported with an explanation. It is just presented as a fact, or self-evident truth. Continue reading

Marijuana Is Safer


The authors of this book work on the frontlines in the battle against marijuana prohibition. Steve Fox (Marijuana Policy Project), LRC columnist Paul Armentano (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), and Mason Tvert (Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation) make the case for marijuana legalization based on the relative safety of marijuana compared to alcohol. Continue reading

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