British MP proposes return of slavery.

National Service 2

You’d be forgiven for thinking that conscription was a thing of the past. This deeply authoritarian and oppressive practice may have been the norm during the World Wars, and it’s unsurprising that constantly warring countries like Israel employ it. But the idea of it existing in 21st century Britain is obscene. Continue reading

Libertarians now hold the balance of power in the Australian senate

Australia Flag

The Australian General Election has seen a surge in support for candidates with libertarian views. David Leyonhjelm, treasurer of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), is set to become a senator of the New South Wales (NSW) region. The Party as a whole has increased its share of the vote from 1.81% in 2010 to 8.87% in this election.

The LDP, founded in 2001, has a broadly libertarian platform and an ideology of small government and individual responsibility. Their policies include a 20% flat tax on income, privatisation & deregulation of industry, opening Australian agriculture to foreign investment and opposition to industry subsidies & corporate welfare. They also support gay marriage, legalising marijuana and allowing assisted suicide. Continue reading

More South Park, Less Family Guy

South Park With Family Guy

As both a political junkie and a fan of comedy, I like seeing mainstream TV shows poke fun at politics and society while making references to things that relatively-informed people would understand.

Setting aside the political bias of each show, let’s look at quality and type of humor. It really depends on who you are and what kind of humor you like, but both shows generally satirize society by being vulgar or by discussing matters that are deemed inappropriate to discuss in public. A lot of the times, this is effective and generally attracts a big audience.

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More and more evidence shows the science behind global warming is nothing but hot air. Yet, do we hear embarrassment or remorse from the climate change alarmists who seem hell=bent on bankrupting the economy in much the same statist ways as the far left did before them, no. They are still preaching about the end of the world and the need to chuck bad money after bad to the renewable energy industry, whilst taxing us through the roof in green taxes. This is all at a time when the average Briton is struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately thanks to the Climate Change Act of 2008 the scandal is we are spending loads of money on a problem which may not even exist. Continue reading

The Obama Administration and the Rule of Law (or lack thereof)

If there is one thing that characterizes the Obama administration, it is its near total disregard for the rule of law.  Flouting the letter of the law is by no means unique to this administration, but it has displayed an obvious zeal in the tactic.  Whether it’s passing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act through budget reconciliation, using prosecutorial discretion to de facto enact legislation that otherwise did not pass, or any number of constitutional violations in national security policy, the Obama Administration truly seems to perceive the law as merely a barrier to its power rather than its source.

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Syria: Say Hello to Evil

Evil is a word which does not have a lot of mainstream resonance. It is confined to the outskirts of public life: seen only as the mot juste by the inarticulate religious, and nasty Twitter whores – such as pseudo-journalist Sunny Hundal. We need to reclaim the word, not just in a figurative sense – but for use in the very real world; where terror and violence and horror are visited on the innocent by psychopaths, brigands and thugs across the globe. Continue reading

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