Can I watch an adult movie, please?


Dave Cameron makes me feel like a child again. According to his new idea ‘every household in the UK is to have pornography blocked by their internet provider unless they choose to receive it’. This basically means that I have to ask for porn which reminds me of funny old times when I had to hide to watch some naked ladies. That brings so many memories… <!-more->

Our beloved prime minister seems to regard himself as a defender of morality, women, children and God knows what else. He believes that it is actually better for me not to watch any pornography and if I want to I have to ask my provider. I feel lucky he mercifully left me that option but let me ask a question I have in my mind. Who on Earth gave you the right to decide what is good for me? Mr. Cameron, You are in charge of this country, not my conscience. I was born a free man and I decide what is good and what is bad for me, no one else. So as long as I do not hurt anybody around, I have right to make my own choices. It is all about the non-aggression principle.

I do not see this policy helping children or women either. First of all, pornography with children is already banned so this new ridiculous idea does not change anything. Secondly, adult movies are also already banned for anyone below 18, again no change whatsoever. Not to mention that this ban is a dead law which will never me abode by for there is always a way to find porn if one wants to. What is more, exploitation of women takes place regardless of pornography industry. Hindering access to films will not improve a situation of any woman since it is not the cause of her abuse. Women who star in adult film do it voluntarily therefore they are not exploited. The real problem lies in illegal prostitution where some women are forced to sell themselves. If politicians wish to solve this problem there is an easy way to do so – legalise prostitution entirely. Make them register themselves and be official. Underground prostitution must inevitably disappear and women working in legal brothels will not be abused. There is not any good argument why this branch of industry should not be legal as long as it is based on volunteers.

As an adult I feel entitled to make my own decisions as what is good and bad. I have every right to do whatever I want with my life as long as I do not hurt others. So if I want to watch porn, the Government should not come and tell me that this is bad for me and therefore they have already assumed I would not do so. Furthermore, if I consider prostitution flawless, I should not be prevented from using this service. My conscience, my choice and my life. So now, may I watch this film, pretty, pretty please?

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