The State is Turning You into a Child and a Savage


Yesterday, a statist said to me “…but, the state is what makes us all civilised! We’d all be children or savages if it weren’t for a government that preserved the rule of law.” Needless to say, I found this even funnier than “who will build the roads?” Nevertheless, I will write now, for the benefit of all statists who share this mistaken belief, on why this is incorrect and why, in fact, the reverse of this is true.

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Ancient Government in a Modern World


Written by Chris Stockdale

Government is a tradition dating back to prehistoric times, an institution that has not only survived the test of time, but grown exponentially with each passing year. Though government’s growth has been rapid and almost cancer like, creeping into every aspect of day to day life, the fundamentals of it have remained much the same. Unfortunately, basic human instincts such as greed, lust and jealousy have hindered the evolution of government as a crucial defense against tyranny. Continue reading

Hans-Hermann Hoppe in 10 Great Quotes

hoppe 2

By Eric Field 

Hans-Hermann Hoppe is one of the most defining of contemporary libertarian thinkers.  A graduate of the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany and a former Marxist, Hoppe’s is best known for his rigorously logical examination of culture, human action, and the state.  Hoppe has at times courted controversy for his belief that natural hierarchies are essential to human liberty.  Regardless of whether or not one agrees with much of Hoppe’s statements, he has greatly improved the quality of libertarian discourse.  So much so, that “Hoppean” has become a synonym for rigorously supported scholarly support for libertarianism.

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Some Thoughts on the Royals


Our monarchy remains the only institution in which the British people still appear to have faith. The Church of England, weakly protesting against the rights of gay people simply because it ought to, has become even more out of touch with the population of this land. MPs are less popular than acute meningitis, and are likely to stay that way until the infectious condition develops and causes people to spout Professor Green lyrics before slow, painful expiry. Continue reading

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