Angry Rant: Liberty Is Lost

The Economist Liberty Lost Decade

Written by DME Kasson

Gandhi was once asked what he thought of Democracy in the West, he said he thought it would be a good idea. I, for one, also think liberty would be a good idea. The bad news is that I do not see much of it in the United States today. The only exception that I see, however, are lies from the mouthes of shameless, professional liar politicians. What I mean is that they are at liberty to say whatever they want without consequence or responsibility to their words.

Do we really have liberty in the United States? I think it’s a joke, a rhetorical question, and I am sick of kneeling before an insurance company just to drive my car. I am tired of begging an insurance company to see a doctor. I hate the U.S. airports because I cannot stand getting violated every time we enter the plane. The threatening voices on the loud speaker makes me think of what things were like in Nazi Germany back in the day. The cross old lady’s voice stating that the TSA rules have changed in a contemptuous tone. The man with the deep voice telling me not to leave our bags with strangers because they are out to get us. It is a very different atmosphere than the airport security in the Canadian airports. Instead of feeling like a criminal preparing for a mugshot, you actually feel welcome and ready to go somewhere else without the pointless guilt.

In my opinion, all of the liberty in the U.S. has been monopolized by the upper class. When they fail, we bail them out. Other than that, they are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want. Most people, however, are left with fewer opportunity. If we truly had the liberty to pursue happiness, there would not be so many working people who cannot afford to pay for enough food. Instead, they need food stamps. Our “capitalist” system has failed to the point that many working people cannot even afford to feed themselves so that socialist policies such as welfare and food-stamps are resorted to.

There is no excuse for our society to be as unhappy and unfair as it is. The Constitution which was given to us leaves no excuse for the utter lack of liberty that we are succumbed to. When a man such as Snowden takes a stand for liberty and is labelled a traitor and disowned, it is apparent that in an empire of lies, truth has become treason.

Is this the America that you learned about back in high school? Is this the America that you imagined yourself living in? Is this the America that we want? Or are we trapped in a system that is designed to hold us down, while telling us we are free? The moment government bailed out our failed financial system, true capitalism died.

DME Kasson is a contributor for The Libertarian and Writer Beat. 

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