Adam Kokesh

Breaking Adam Kokesh’s house has been raided by police. Take a look at the video of Adam Kokesh’s house being raided and at the earlier video that was the reason for this and comment on whether you think the police’s actions are right or justified;

Now, of course many libertarians are going to automatically defend Adam Kokesh and attack the police over this. I’m withholding judgement for now. As Sean Malone of the Libertarienne Show put it on Facebook in what seems quite a reasonable comment -

Uh… Yeah. He actively bragged about the number of felonies he was committing in making that insane video in the first place. So, sure…. A warrant seems like the obvious - and most measured - response.

What got him into trouble was an earlier video seen here, along with some local DC residents views;

Local News VIDEO here:

Adam Recorded this earlier today:

More Local Confirmation:

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