The Murray Rothbard Institute

Murray Rothbard Institute

Murray Rothbard Institute

The Murray Rothbard Institute ( was founded in November of 2007, by a group of 6 young libertarians inspired by Murray Rothbard. Now, 6 years later, we are a small, but thriving think tank that focusses mainly on publishing books (both original work as translations into Dutch) and organizing seminars. (For an overview click here).

On average we organize 2 seminars a year, between 3 and 5 other events (book presentations, discussion evenings, lecture nights, etc.) and publish around 2-3 books a year. Our most recent addition was a Dutch book on the utopian philosophical foundations of the modern human rights doctrine, by legal philosopher professor Frank Van Dun.

We started out with only 6 members of the board, but last general meeting we went from 5 to 10, amongst which experienced board members of the Flemish Classical Liberal Students Association and people associated with the European Students For Liberty. I would say we are ready to grow even more.

We focus mainly on the Dutch language region, which keeps us growth potential limited, but we try to be out there. Our facebook is primarily in English, so feel free like us on facebook. We are going to do more English oriented events in the future, so be sure to watch out for it.

Our most recent project is a big Rothbard Summer University, a 5 day seminar in Ghent, Belgium from September 17-21. You can find all practical information here:

The lecturers are (amongst others) Tom Palmer (Atlas Network), Stephen Davies (IES), Lawrence Reed (President FEE), Tim Evans (Adam Smith Institute) and Adam Martin (King’s College London). For all participants there is accommodation, food and some free books.

The application deadline is July 10, so if you still want to attend, we recommend you to hurry up! The student discount price is €200, but there are scholarships available to cut down the price to as low as €50. Non-students can also apply, but for them the price is a little bit higher.

If you have any information, feel free to email the president Lode Cossaer at [email protected] We would love to hear from you and are looking forward in reading your application!

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