Libertarian Elitism: A Self Destructing Statement

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Is “Minarchist” a dirty word? For many hardcore Libertarians/Anarchists it is!

If you identify yourself as wanting to reinstate the Republic, “That government is best which governs least” or a Constitutionalist, you are labeled a Minarchist. While I think that most small government advocates embrace this classification, especially when they are immersed in what Libertarianism really means. However, I also think there is a growing trend of Libertarian Elitism as the movement gains popularity.

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Food Stamps: An Opium of the People, An Economic Painkiller

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Written by: DME KASSON

For the sake of argument, let’s take a man who is experiencing back pains due to a lack of physical activity.  He goes to the doctor.  Should the doctor prescribe Hydrocodone, an opiate painkiller, to kill the pain or should he prescribe exercise?

If the doctor prescribes Hydrocodone then the man’s pain will be gone.  All he needs to do is take the pills.  There are several problems however. Continue reading

Could An Atheist Vote Republican?


The short answer is: of course, any citizen can vote Republican. The question is: Is it in the best interest of an atheist to do so? 

This may seem like a strange question to ask since the general assumption is that atheists are liberal, but this is not always the case. There are some atheists who disapprove of modern liberalism and the Democratic party on specific issues like economic policy, foreign policy, and even civil liberty issues. Continue reading

A Word About “Rights”


Statists often talk about rights in way that I find quite perplexing. A “right” to a decent wage, a “right” to healthcare, a “right” to housing, and so on. As an American, we’re taught (and quickly forget) that our country was founded on the self-evident truth that men are endowed with certain inalienable rights, namely life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But as our republic grew and evolved, the nature and number of rights grew in include ‘public rights,” like the right to entitlement benefits and the right to procedural due process before such rights can be taken away. This is a reflection of America’s muddled jurisprudence regarding, well, everything involving the United States Constitution. These muddied waters may soon give birth to a new breed of public rights, such as a right to healthcare. This is frightening because, simply put, these new, government given rights may become the basis for denying our innate, God given ones.

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The Eastward March of Marijuana

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As the Marijuana Policy Project reported on Friday, New Hampshire is on its way to becoming the 19th medical marijuana state in the US. Governor Maggie Hassan has released a statement expressing her approval of House Bill 573 and her intention to sign the measure. Although this is a compromise measure, under which home cultivation of marijuana will continue to be prohibited, it is still a major step forward for a state which has seemed to lag behind the rest of New England in marijuana policy reform.
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Some Thoughts on the Royals


Our monarchy remains the only institution in which the British people still appear to have faith. The Church of England, weakly protesting against the rights of gay people simply because it ought to, has become even more out of touch with the population of this land. MPs are less popular than acute meningitis, and are likely to stay that way until the infectious condition develops and causes people to spout Professor Green lyrics before slow, painful expiry. Continue reading

Immigration Is Vital for Our Economy, Don’t Listen to Ukip


If you asked a good deal of people what they most disliked about the New Labour administration which preceded the current government, you would get a good variety of responses. Some would bemoan financial incompetence, and the creation of large and unsustainable deficits, which later morphed into terrifying National Debt. Others would mention things like ‘sleaze’, or the generally anti-social manner of a certain G. Brown.

These are all valid points of view, and held by a good number of British people, but for a large number of Right-ward Tories, as well as Fleet Street commentators (such as Charles Moore and Simon Heffer) the normal bugbear is ‘mass immigration’, and the subsequent movement of a lot of new people into this country. It is a news story which never ends, because the flow of people (in and out) of this country is constant, and so commentators can continue to milk it all year round. Continue reading

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